Electrical Testing and Inspections by Professionals in Tamworth

Adhering to health and safety legislation is paramount in ensuring safety, providing a safe environment in domestic and commercial environments alike.

JEM Electrical understands the importance of testing electrical systems to ensure they are functioning safely. Routine professional testing and inspections could save you money, as maintaining electrical systems is generally cheaper than replacing them!

Our team are certified to perform a range of electrical testing and inspections in Tamworth and the wider Staffordshire area, ranging from necessities like the IET and PAT tests, through to energy efficiency surveys and preventative maintenance. Servicing and repairs are part of our package, so you can be sure of meeting every safety requirement.

Comprehensive electrical testing

Our range of electrical testing and inspection services are available to both residential and commercial property owners. Our expert services include:

  • 5 year IET electrical test and inspection
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Electrical installation inspection testing
  • Energy-efficiency reviews which includes thermal imaging
  • Bespoke testing and inspections
  • Periodic maintenance checks for system stability

IET electrical test

The IET electrical test and inspection must be performed every five years. Our method of splitting the test into five parts means that we are able to perform a 20% test annually to provide a more affordable solution.

This method ensures the complete system is checked every five years as is required by legislation, but also means that you only have one manageable and regular annual payment rather than a large lump sum every five years. At JEM Electrical, we aim to make it easy for you.

PAT testing experts

Our knowledgeable team at JEM Electrical will ensure that your electrical appliances meet all the necessary electricity at work regulations.
Our thorough PAT testing specialists will check any item that has a mains voltage plug attached, from the computer to the kettle, guaranteeing the safety of your workplace.

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