Tamworth’s Number One Specialist for LED Lights

However you want your home lit, you want it done right. Your choice of lighting should bring out the best in your home décor while being extra safe and energy-efficient, which is why many people are opting for the latest options in LED lighting.


We at JEM Electrical are proud to offer you a comprehensive LED lighting installation and design service, with our experts being able to answer any questions you have about this new lighting technology and how it will look in your home.

The benefits of LED lighting

There are several reasons that LED lights are becoming more popular with homeowners – some due to style, others to do with practicality. Whatever your priorities are when it comes to lighting choices, LED lights are proving popular for several reasons:

  • Cost efficiency – with lifetimes longer than most humans’, replacement costs are much lower with LED lights in comparison to alternatives
  • Energy efficiency – unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights do not lose much energy to heat. This makes them a great deal more energy-efficient, as well as making them safer
  • Style – LED lights offer a wider selection of colours and lighting effects to choose from, affording homeowners more control over how exactly their room is lit
  • Safety – as well as producing less heat, LED lights are sturdier than other bulb styles, reducing the risk of breakage and injuries from broken glass

Go Green with led lights

JEM Electrical offers a full design service for all LED lighting installations, so you can ensure the end result will look exactly as you want it to. What’s more our knowledgeable experts are able to answer all your questions before work begins and provide an aftercare service that will keep your LED lights working at their absolute best.