Consumer Units for Homes in Tamworth

The consumer unit – or fuse box

is the central electrical management point of your home – managing, allocating and protecting the electrical system. To ensure that your electrical supply is safe and functions effectively, it is crucial that your consumer unit is inspected regularly and changed if required.

It is also essential that your earthing and bonding satisfy the expected safety standards, as earthing is a means of protecting against electric shock. If the worst should happen, your JEM Electrical engineer-installed, properly earthed and checked consumer unit will keep you safe.

We supply & install Fuse boxes

At JEM Electrical, your safety and satisfaction is our priority. Our knowledgeable, NICEIC-approved team will work to keep you safe, upgrading your fuse board; earthing and bonding; providing you with specialist advice on replacement consumer units, and ensuring your home or business in Tamworth or the wider Staffordshire area is protected for years to come.

We supply & install Electric Showers

If you are looking for a cheaper, more energy efficient electrical option for your home, why not try an electric shower? Whether it’s a power shower, a programmable shower or a digital electric shower, you can rely on the team of experts at JEM Electrical to recommend the most impressive electric shower for your budget and install it with our Platinum Promise guarantee.

We can also repair any electric showers that need a power boost in Tamworth and across the Staffordshire area.

Fast installation and fitting in Tamworth

Our expert team is able to fit a completely new shower system within one to two days, depending on the nature and complexity of the installation.
We aim to work speedily and skilfully, creating minimum disruption and maximum satisfaction.

Need a consumer unit inspecting or an electric shower
installed in your home?